Topics (AG Schneider)

Research Interests

The group is concerned with the following aspects of surface science:

  • Structural analysis of surfaces
    We use LEED, STM and DFT to determine the atomic structure of complex surface phases, adsorbate structures and thin films on single crystals. With our refined methodology we achieve picometre precision of the positions of atoms in the first 3-5 layers of a crystal. This information is crucial for a well-founded analysis of surface electronic, magnetic and chemical properties by other commonly employed spectroscopic methods.
  • Growth and analysis of nanostructures at surfaces
    We investigate the processes leading to self-organized growth of nanostructures on atomically well-defined and well-characterized surfaces. Of special interest are films and networks of larger molecules and low-dimensional transition metal oxide nanostructures. The main tool here is STM.
  • Electronic and magnetic properties of oxide nanostructures
    Many transition metal oxides show effects related to electron correlation for which we provide a basis of experimental data. On the atomic scale we use STS but also, where applicable, variants of XPS at international synchrotron facilities are used for spatially integrated measurements.
  • Molecules on surfaces
    We investigate the adsorption geometry, self-assembly, and on-surface reactions of larger organic molecules on metal and especially on oxide surfaces.