Mechanical workshop

A dedicated workshop for UHV equipment is part of our chair. The “Feinmechanikermeister” Jürgen Linzmayer and Klaus Wörfel are experienced in constructing, building and repairing UHV components and other parts related to UHV vessels. They support the development of new parts in many points: choice of the right materials, effective designs with producible shapes and professional CAD drawings. Some highlights are:

  • ErLEED-Optics
  • Knudsen cell evaporator with two cells
  • LT-UHV STM system with in-situ transferable scan head

The labs at the chair gain a lot from the up-to-date stock of spare parts and the fast repairs of broken components by the workshop.

Jürgen Linzmayer and Klaus Wölfel also take care of  health and safety at the chair.