Upcoming events


The Gordon Research Conference 2024 is coming!


The Gordon Research Conference on “Ultrafast Phenomena in Cooperative Systems” 2024 will take place on February 4 – 9, 2024 at the beautiful location Renaissance Tuscany, Il Ciocco Resort, in Lucca, Italy. For the 10th conference of this series, there will be an excellent scientific program with many outstanding speakers and plenty of opportunities to network and learn about the latest exciting results in the field.




Past events


“FisMat Conference 2023”

An entire conference dedicated to Condensed Matter Physics! The FisMat Conference this year will be held at the Politecnico of Milano (4-8 September 2023). Check out Daniele’s and Angela’s talks in the sessions “MC_17: Cavity-modified materials properties” and “MC_12: Coherent dynamics in quantum materials”.




“WaveMix 2023”

Daniele will be an invited speaker in the workshop WaveMix dedicated to the development and application of nonlinear spectroscopic and imaging techniques. See you in Freiburg (11-13 September 2023)!





“Non-equilibrium Quantum Material Design”

Daniele is one of the invited speakers of the workshop to be held in Ingelheim (27-29 June 2023). The focus of the workshop will be the design of quantum materials specifically tailored for non-equilibrium physics, with inputs from experts in quantum materials synthesis and scientists investigating out-of-equilibrium phenomena.





“Dynamical Control of Quantum Materials”

The workshop will be held in Dresden (22-26 May 2023) with the purpose of bringing together experimentalists and theorists in the field of ultrafast light-matter interactions.





March Meeting 2023 is coming!

The annual American Physical Society’s March Meeting brings together thousands of scholars and students from around the world.

Daniele is the invited speaker of the Session N38: “Light Induced Structural Control of Electronic Phases III

If you happen to be in Las Vegas, come and check out our work!



It’s all about Fluctuations!

The Fluctuations and Nonlinearities Conference 2023  will address the role of fluctuations in quantum fields, electronics, magnetism, spintronics, mechanical and soft matter systems.

Check out the programme and Daniele’s talk!



Looking for the ultimate winter conference?

Both Daniele and Angela will present their work at the Nonequilibrium Quantum Workshop 2022 to be held in the picturesque venue of Hotel Krvavec (Slovenia).

Ultrafast dynamics in superconducting and magnetic systems, nonequilibrium transition dynamics between thermal and nonthermal states are just a few of the topics that will be covered.



The long-awaited in person GRC 2022 is finally on the way!

The Gordon Research Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena in Cooperative Systems “Advances in the Dynamics and Control of Quantum Materials” will take place on October 9-14, 2022 in Ventura (CA, US).

Daniele will be happy to meet all of you (finally in person!) as the vice-chair of the meeting.