Congratulations to Dr. Montanaro

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We warmly congratulate Dr. Angela Montanaro on winning the prestigious prize “Laura Bassi” for Women in Science 2023 of the Italian Physical Society.

The Committee motivated the prize awarded to Dr. Montanaro as follows “for her contributions to the study and control of the quantum properties of complex systems through light-matter interactions and for her partecipation to mentoring programs to promote women in Science”.

Dr. Montanaro, who got her PhD degree at the University of Trieste, is currently employed at the Chair of Solid State Physics at FAU and a scientific collaborator at the Elettra Synchrotron facility in Trieste. She is an active mentor in the Ariadne programme promoted by our University.

The official award ceremony will be held at the University of Salerno (Italy) on 11/09/2023 at 9 am at the annual Congress of the Italian Physical Society.